Sunday, September 05, 2004

Interesting Events:

I know it's been a long time since I've posted but...give me a break...I started school. Things have been kinda say the least. My youth leader from my church left to go to Birmingham, Al. to train to be in the ministry. What makes me mad is that some of the people in our youth group are selfish self centered people and don't focus on what a good opportunity this is for him to grow and really make something of himself, instead they focus on not liking him and rejoicing that he's gone. I'll admit, in the beginning Jason and I didn't get along very well. BUT then I realized that it wasn't him, it was me. I was the one being immature and selfish. He turned into a great guy, someone who really wants to make a difference in the lives of young people. I just don't understand how teens can be so hypocritical, they preach about accepting people the way they are and then bashing authority or anyone is has a little different approach to something then you do. I am just as guilty as these people, I guess it's the fact that I am trying to like people more. Becoming like these dishonorable mentions is something I'm trying to repel from. It's not a good thing, but everyone falls. You just gotta keep on trucking. Realizing that you aren't "Gods gift" to every aspect of the world is also important. That drives me crazy. On a lighter note, my friend Ben and I went to Walmart Friday night and when I was pulling into the parking lot there was this guy on his knee infront of his girlfriend proposing to her...I guess she said yes, since after he got up they proceeded to practically eat each others faces off...not a pretty sight. :( Blah. I have no problem with a little PDA, I'm a very affectionate person...ask Ben...but making out in public...not so much. EW infact. Anywho, I was thinking more and more about that couple who got engaged, and I know for myself and whoever...if I ever...decide to get married, I WILL NOT BECOME ENGAGED IN A PARKING LOT! Good Lord! It's like one of the pivotal moments in your life and you ask your future wife to become your wife in a fricken parking lot! I just want a little more thought into it. I guess that might be alot to ask...but come on now people! That's crazy! Well I need to go to bed b/c tomorrow is Labor Day and I have alot of sleep to catch up on. I'm going to watch "Say Anything" b/c I'm in love with Lloyd Dobbler. I heart him. Later.

The Sleep Deprived Converse Queen.