Sunday, August 22, 2004

I Love Lloyd Dobbler

I'm in love. Lloyd Dobbler has stolen my heart. All boys out there, watch "Say Anything" and that will show you how to be a boyfriend. Sigh. Amy (my sister) said that I would like that movie and she was right. It is the greatest. I hope to find my Lloyd Dobbler some day. Well since I wrote last Amy came home, I love when she's home. I feel normal. People don't get my humor alot, and she makes me feel really funny. It's comforting. We spent the last 7 hours talking about our views on relationships, family, religion, past loves, current loves, and everything else in between...including Lloyd. There isn't anyone else I can talk to about topics like I can with Amy. She seems to understand me more then anyone else I've ever met. She knows my point of view. Either being a pastors daughter, in school, starting a relationship...or lack there of. She knows me. We went and saw "The Bourne Supremacy" today. Matt Damon...yes please. The whole time I was watching that I was like, wow, I wanna date/marry someone who can handle themselves like that. Not neccessarily beat people to a bloody pulp...I guess more for me to feel safe with them. It's an amazing movie though. There were these two girls who sat behind us and kept talking through the last twenty-thirty minutes of the movie and about drove me crazy. I just kept exhaling really loud and immitating their laughing...thinking they were older. Stupid high schoolers...hehe...BUT when we left the theater I turned around and they were like 11. I was glad I didn't turn around and say anything...I could have been REALLY mean. That's the one thing I can't handle in the movie theater....people talking. Or crying babies. Take your kid outside for crying out loud! That's a personal struggle I have. Anywho, I've got church in 7 hours and I've not slept yet. Thank you grande-non-fat-white-chocolate-mocha! G'nite.

The Caffinated Converse Queen.


At September 28, 2004 at 6:04 PM, Blogger A.J. said...

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At September 28, 2004 at 6:08 PM, Blogger Alanis said...

LoL I forgot I was under my boyfriend's blog account.. so don't think AJ is gay or anything, lol.. anywho, what I typed was that I was so happy to find another Lloyd Dobbler fan. He is the epitome of cinematic guy. Too bad it's just that: cinematic. One can dream, right?? ;)


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