Sunday, September 05, 2004

Interesting Events:

I know it's been a long time since I've posted but...give me a break...I started school. Things have been kinda say the least. My youth leader from my church left to go to Birmingham, Al. to train to be in the ministry. What makes me mad is that some of the people in our youth group are selfish self centered people and don't focus on what a good opportunity this is for him to grow and really make something of himself, instead they focus on not liking him and rejoicing that he's gone. I'll admit, in the beginning Jason and I didn't get along very well. BUT then I realized that it wasn't him, it was me. I was the one being immature and selfish. He turned into a great guy, someone who really wants to make a difference in the lives of young people. I just don't understand how teens can be so hypocritical, they preach about accepting people the way they are and then bashing authority or anyone is has a little different approach to something then you do. I am just as guilty as these people, I guess it's the fact that I am trying to like people more. Becoming like these dishonorable mentions is something I'm trying to repel from. It's not a good thing, but everyone falls. You just gotta keep on trucking. Realizing that you aren't "Gods gift" to every aspect of the world is also important. That drives me crazy. On a lighter note, my friend Ben and I went to Walmart Friday night and when I was pulling into the parking lot there was this guy on his knee infront of his girlfriend proposing to her...I guess she said yes, since after he got up they proceeded to practically eat each others faces off...not a pretty sight. :( Blah. I have no problem with a little PDA, I'm a very affectionate person...ask Ben...but making out in public...not so much. EW infact. Anywho, I was thinking more and more about that couple who got engaged, and I know for myself and whoever...if I ever...decide to get married, I WILL NOT BECOME ENGAGED IN A PARKING LOT! Good Lord! It's like one of the pivotal moments in your life and you ask your future wife to become your wife in a fricken parking lot! I just want a little more thought into it. I guess that might be alot to ask...but come on now people! That's crazy! Well I need to go to bed b/c tomorrow is Labor Day and I have alot of sleep to catch up on. I'm going to watch "Say Anything" b/c I'm in love with Lloyd Dobbler. I heart him. Later.

The Sleep Deprived Converse Queen.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Drama Eats.

Here, here I am again
And I'm staring at these same four walls, alone again.
And now, all the colors blend
And I'm growing numb and I've become
This empty page
Hold on it's tragic
Stumbling through all this static
I just wanna talk to you
My broken heart just has no use I
I guess promises are better left unsaid
But everytime you try to tell me
You say that words that I'm the only
But I'm the one who's crawling on the ground
When you say love makes the world go round
My love, look at what you've done to me
For someone who has felt so strong
It's amazing I'm completely gone
Hold on it's tragic
Stumbling through all this static
I just wanna talk to you
My broken heart just has no use I
I guess promises are better left unsaid
But everytime you try to tell me
You say the words that I'm the only
But I'm the one who's crawling on the ground
When you say love makes the world go round
If that's the kind of love you give me
I'd rather be alone believe me
If that's the way you thought you'd treat me
I'd rather walk away!
But everytime you try to tell me
I don't care you're not the only
Don't you know I'm coming back around
Cause I say love makes the world go round.

- "Love Makes The World Go Round"
-Ashlee Simpson....I know she's a teenie bopper....but it fits more then you know!

Ben, I need some quality time. Drama has re-emerged. A joyous event.

The Sick of Drama Converse Queen.

Monday, August 23, 2004

The Entry Of A Beginner College Student

Well my first day of being in college. Not all that exciting. I did meet some new people, that's always interesting. I woke up this morning at 6:00 am, I'm not accustomed to do that generally. But alas, I did get up...and made my way to LSUS. The parking nightmare wasn't as bad as I imagined, which was a relief. I did sit in my car for about 20 minutes writing in a cute little orange journal Meredith gave me...she's so sweet! I then headed to Math 121, a joyous event. The other students were nice, I was suprised though b/c I was only 1 of 3 freshman in the class. I thought it was the class freshman automatically go to, I guess not. My teacher is your image of what a math teacher should look like. Huge thick glasses, his pants up to his arm pits, and this nerdy little voice. He would make really corny jokes that people would laugh at out of pitty. So sad. But the class doesn't seem like it should be too hard. I will look forward to my drawing class, that will be a great therapy session for me. Spanish I could do without. It's very boring. It's only a requirement I need to have for my Art degree. Anyway, I need to wake up even earlier tomorrow so this post will be short. All in all, it was a good day.

The College Converse Queen.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

I Love Lloyd Dobbler

I'm in love. Lloyd Dobbler has stolen my heart. All boys out there, watch "Say Anything" and that will show you how to be a boyfriend. Sigh. Amy (my sister) said that I would like that movie and she was right. It is the greatest. I hope to find my Lloyd Dobbler some day. Well since I wrote last Amy came home, I love when she's home. I feel normal. People don't get my humor alot, and she makes me feel really funny. It's comforting. We spent the last 7 hours talking about our views on relationships, family, religion, past loves, current loves, and everything else in between...including Lloyd. There isn't anyone else I can talk to about topics like I can with Amy. She seems to understand me more then anyone else I've ever met. She knows my point of view. Either being a pastors daughter, in school, starting a relationship...or lack there of. She knows me. We went and saw "The Bourne Supremacy" today. Matt Damon...yes please. The whole time I was watching that I was like, wow, I wanna date/marry someone who can handle themselves like that. Not neccessarily beat people to a bloody pulp...I guess more for me to feel safe with them. It's an amazing movie though. There were these two girls who sat behind us and kept talking through the last twenty-thirty minutes of the movie and about drove me crazy. I just kept exhaling really loud and immitating their laughing...thinking they were older. Stupid high schoolers...hehe...BUT when we left the theater I turned around and they were like 11. I was glad I didn't turn around and say anything...I could have been REALLY mean. That's the one thing I can't handle in the movie theater....people talking. Or crying babies. Take your kid outside for crying out loud! That's a personal struggle I have. Anywho, I've got church in 7 hours and I've not slept yet. Thank you grande-non-fat-white-chocolate-mocha! G'nite.

The Caffinated Converse Queen.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

My Registration Nightmare

I was fully determined to write last night...but alas I was extremely tired. Stress can do that to someone, it's amazing. I'm the type of person who, when under stress, breaks into tears...throw things...or screams. Yesterday it happened to be all three...lucky parents. Yes, trying to register for classes just about broke me. Anywho, I kept falling asleep today in the strangest places, the bathroom floor, on my bedroom floor, in the kitchen...weird. I guess I was pretty pooped. I'm excited b/c tomorrow my sister is coming into town from Atlanta. I haven't seen Amy since May! It's been a while! My sister and I are soul mates. If we don't get married, to other people of course, I would live with her and be content b/c we have so much fun together. My advice for all you kiddies out there...go and rent Young Frankenstein and watch it with someone who understands off-beat humor. You will enjoy, I promise! But she's coming in tomorrow afternoon and then leaving Monday, when I start classes...SCARY! I have an 8:00 math class. Ugh. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a 7:45 class...WHOOHOO! Can't wait for that one. Hilary Duff needs to be told she can't sing. She's so annoying. And apparently she "washes away her sanity"...I'm thinking that's not too good. But hey, that's just me. I need to go to sleep now. Today was a good day though. My evil jealous bone flared up for about 10 minutes...but I have a valid reason. OH YEAH! I also found out that a friend of mine had been arrested on marijuana charges...and I was supposed to of met with him that day. LUCKY ME! God was looking out for me! Well I'm moving onto greener pastures. Ben you know who I'm talking about...and if that fails then back to the PACT! NO BOYS! BOYS ARE EVIL...THROW ROCKS AT THEM! On that lovely note...same bat time, same bat channel.

The Not So Stressed Converse Queen.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Simply With A Song:

You can't know, oh no
You can't know
How much I
think about you, no
It's making my head spin.
Looking at you
and you are looking me
and we both
know what we want.
So close to giving in
Feels so nice
oh yeah you feel so nice
wish I could spend the night
but I can't pay the price
oh no, no
But I'm flying so high
high off the ground
when you're around
And I can feel your high
rocking me inside
it's too much to hide
I know, oh yes
I know, that we can't
be together
but, I just like to dream
It's so strange
the way our paths have crossed
how we were
brought together
it's written in the stars it seems
Feel so nice
oh yeah you feel so nice
I'd love to spend the night
but I can't pay the price
oh no, no
And I'm flying so high
high off the ground
when you're around
And I can feel your high
touching me inside
and it's too much to hide.
Back to earth
where did you take me to
I know there's no such thing
As painless love
well it'll catch us up
and we can never win
But ohh
I feel so alive
Just wanna hold you
hold you so tight.
I'm flying so high
high off the ground
when you're around
And I
Can feel you're high
touching me inside
and it's too much to hide.

"Flying High"- By Jem.

That song is exactly how I feel tonight. Those of you who know the understand.

The Confused Converse Queen.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Life Needs Background Music

Drama. Drama is something I think everyone tries to avoid and yet it some how comes crashing down in the middle of everything we try and accomplish. Yeah. It's irony. You do your best to try and dodge something, and yet...hark! it's there. Blah. I went to church today, I was extremely late...shocker. I am late no matter what happens. I got out of the shower and I was still a bit tired so I went to lay down for a little bit. Then after about an hour, my head popped off my pillow at warp speed to uncover that it was about 9:30 and church starts at 10:00. Not to mention that I had to pick up my friend Ben. Oh well. I snuck in so the warden...I mean my mother....wouldn't see me coming in late. I then went to my grandmothers house for lunch. Always a success, until she brought out a sweet potato dessert. I passed. Kinda made me queezie. I'm not sure if that's how you spell that word, but works for me. Back to the drama. Guys are of the devil. They truly are. You never know what they think or their intentions are. My friend Ben knows the story. He's my best friend, my best gay friend. He's the greatest. We are both going through boy troubles. It's kinda odd when you can relate your love life to a gay guys. Oh well. I start college in a week. Kinda scary...but i'm ready to get it going. It's like the feeling you get when you are going on a trip somewhere or something like that. The unknown. The unknown sucks. People keep telling me, " You'll love it, it will be the time of your life!". But people also said that about high school, me and high school, we aren't friends. I hated high school. When, more like if, I have kids I will lie to them too I guess, to make them go. I hope my kids aren't your typical "popular" kids. I hated those people. I just wanted to trip them or something. And then laugh very very hard. Pointing too. Sigh. That would be excellent.

The Converse Queen.